The Evidence Is Everywhere…

I always like to look for hearts wherever I go… I’ve been collecting hearts in nature for many years (and they’ve been the subject of blog posts here, here and here!)   If you’ve been a reader for a while, then you already know that I’m going through a huge personal transition in my life.   It’s fair to say that I’ve had some uncertain and scary days.   I’ve had my moments where I have plowed through the day with my head hung low… forgetting to look out for the hearts in our world.   But then things like […]

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Finding My Way…

I’m going to repost an old blog post from several years ago… one of my favorites. I collect hearts in nature because they help me remember that we are never alone as we walk on this earth, no matter how hard the journey seems. I need to give that reminder myself, right about now… more than ever before.   I hope you enjoy these photographs I have taken of hearts I’ve noticed in nature, and I hope you’ll find a moment today to look around and find a heart in your own neck of the woods…. xoxoxo, Laura    

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Hearts all along the way…

  my son, the trail blazer We went up to Virginia to meet up with my parents and do a good deal of hiking in the Shenandoah National Park! It was fabulous! We packed in 4 different trails and the Luray Caverns too! We had a great time… and I felt surrounded by love. Lots of evidence of that too, along the way. I kept my eyes open and picked up a few little heart stones from each trail… they were easy to find. A few were too big to keep but I snapped some pics so that I could

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Life Hearts… hearts in my world, part II

Are you ready for more hearts? Considering this blog is my “Heartsong” and it is the month of Feb… even if it is heart overload, I gotta do it! These are more hearts from my world. To see pics of the cool hearts we’ve found in nature over the past year, see part I of this blog post. These hearts are hearts found in our daily life, from foods to creations my kids have made. Didn’t think dog food came in hearts? Think again. Nothing is off limits in this household! Enjoy… and see you here on Friday for a

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Hearts in Nature

I love hearts. Is that redundant? Either way, I love to photograph hearts whenever they pop up in my life. And as you could predict, the more I focus on them and photograph them, they more they seem to pop up! Since February is Valentine’s month, I thought I’d share some of my favorite hearts with you. Today, I’ll show you some of my favorite hearts in nature. I just had one pop up on a wet day recently… water on pavement, found when we were playing at a park with friends a few days ago. Love that one so

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