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It’s Never Too Late To Extend Your Life Just By Getting Active

    Dammit. Now none of us have any excuse to not exercise.     All my life I hated exercising in the traditional sense — I loved playing soccer in school and I loved chasing after my kids as a mom and I love going on long walks after dinner as a middle aged adult… it’s not that I mind being active… but as far as an exercise program, I never could stick to it. Yoga classes, pilates classes, step aerobics classes, running, biking, even trying out a personal trainer… I could just never stick with it because I […]

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Eat This Today To Decrease Your Feelings Of Depression Tomorrow

My two favorite vices are: coffee and chocolate.   Coffee gets me through my mornings and chocolate gets me through my evenings! I’ve blogged quite a bit about how coffee gets a bad wrap, since it actually does have some health benefits (I have all of these free health articles waiting for you, just click the links below to read them): Higher Coffee Intake, Lower Mortality Rate Coffee Protective Against MS Coffee Decreases Your Risk of Diabetes Caffeine — Best Study Aid Ever? Latest Study Reveals Heart Protective Properties of Caffeine Coffee to Prevent Dementia AND Reduce Skin Cancer? Yep…

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Improving Gut Flora = Huge Benefits In Autism

I’ve already written extensively about the power of the gut-mind axis and how probiotics have been able to dramatically support brain function, treating everything from mood disorders to cognition.   One study showed depression improved when participants received probiotic supplements for 30 days, and another study reported clinically significant improvement in mood when participants ate probiotic-containing yogurt for 3 weeks.   Yet another study showed that participants with chronic fatigue syndrome who consumed probiotics three times a day reported significantly less anxiety compared to those who did not.   Another study assessed cognitive performance, mood, memory, acute stress (both subjectively

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This supplement decreases diabetic pain (and decreases asthma flares too!)

I’ve already told you about a recent study that shows low Vit D is a risk factor for developing diabetes. Today’s medical literature review further confirms the role of Vitamin D in not just preventing diabetes, but actually treating diabetic pain once it has already developed…. …after just ONE DOSE!   Which is huge. Because not only does Vit D increase insulin sensitivity and prevent diabetes, but it actually gives you a tool to help treat issues such as diabetic nerve pain once it has developed.   The Study: Researchers studied over 140 participants with Type 2 Diabetes who suffered

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Bullying Is No Joke, 3 Ways To Protect Your Kids

  Continuing in this Back-To-School month with a focus on the health of our children, let’s talk about something uncomfortable.     Let’s talk about something that we *need* to be talking about more. Let’s talk about something positive that we can do to protect the physical and mental well being of our children for the rest of their lives: end bullying. Published in JAMA Psychiatry in Feb, 2016, the largest study ever to look at childhood bullying documents something we already *know* — that victims of bullying in childhood have painful, lasting ramifications well into adulthood.   The Study:

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Prevent Diabetes with Magnesium Supplementation

Several recent studies suggest that a high intake of magnesium can cut your risk of developing diabetes in half!   Prediabetes (fasting glucose in the 100 – 125 mg/dL range) has been thought to progress almost invariably to diabetes without major lifestyle changes in diet, activity level and even sometime prescription drug intervention. But is there a natural supplement that might actually help prevent Type 2 Diabetes? Several studies answer with a resounding *YES*! We know that magnesium and insulin are linked together — insulin helps transport magnesium into the cells for use in glucose metabolism… and in turn, magnesium

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Pets Decrease Asthma Risk

  Since Mother’s Day was yesterday, today let’s talk about an important medical study that parents need to be aware of. You’ve probably heard that exposure to dirt in childhood is an essential part of boosting immunity and decreasing future allergies… …but did you know the same is true for animals?   It’s true. Early exposure to dogs and farm animals (during the first year of life) statistically significantly decreased the development of asthma in children 5+ years later. Published on November 2, 2015 in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers found that exposure to animals decreases future development of asthma, a very

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