How To Prevent Bug Bites While Grounding Outdoors

The weather is warming up here where I live… …and this always means my inbox is full of emails from patients and readers asking:     How can you reduce your chance of tick bites (and other insect bites) while still connecting to the earth outside?   Especially with the latest press about the Zika virus, patients are wanting to know more than ever how to reduce their risk of mosquito bites and yet continue the beautiful, healing practice of touching the earth outside daily. I really don’t want you to limit or stop your healing practice of connecting to …

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The Top 3 Earthing FAQ’s!

This video is going to answer the top three questions I get asked constantly about earthing, in 3 minutes flat! Give me three minutes, and I’ll not only answer them for you, I’ll show you!!!   1. Can I wear socks and still be grounded? 2. Can I lay on a blanket and still be grounded? 3. What the heck do I do in winter? Let’s see! xoxox, Laura