Happy Holidays (and A Quick Holiday Tradition… Join Me?)

Just popping by today quickly to say happiest of holidays to every single one of you today, to your loved ones, your friends, your family, your soul connections, your acquaintances, your loves.   ((((XOXOXOXO)))) Love to you each.   I also wanted to invite you to join me in releasing your ties to 2014 as the year draws to a close… …as beautiful and as magical and as life changing and as painful and as heavy and as light and as healing and as freeing and as trivial as important and as boring and as majestic as 2014 might have […]

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Sleep Deprivation Found To Increase Weight After Only A Few Days

  A new study, recently published in SLEEP last month (July 2013) found that folks gained a significant amount of weight after only 5 days of poor sleep.   Previous studies have shown a link between poor sleep and weight gain, but this is the first study where participants slept in-house in a sleep facility and the actual weight gain was measurably significant after only a handful of 4 hour nights in a row. Here are the study details: Researchers took 225 healthy adults with no history of sleep problems. Half of the participants had time in bed from 10

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Giveaway: Children’s Book about Mother Earth

  This Earth Day, I wanted to give you a sneak peek — into my children’s book on Earthingâ„¢ — and give you a chance to win your very own autographed copy, for FREE!     From The Ground Up shows children exactly how Mother Earth supports our well-being in vibrant, full color! And gives parents tons of great ideas on how support their child’s connection to the earth and set them up for a lifetime of health and Well Being.   You can see what I mean right now — let me open this book for you and show

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The most vivid intuition I’ve ever gotten

My lovely grandma passed away early last Friday morning…   As I head up to here part of the country for services and to hug my beautiful precious mother and spend time with her, I feel extremely open to spirit and tender.   It is during these times I like to remember some of my most vivid intuitions and enjoy knowing my grandmother is a part of the pure, positive world of spirit.   I remember my very favorite spiritual vision I’ve ever had and I’d like to share that with you here today in memory of my grandmother’s life

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Sneak a peek into the world’s first Earthing children’s book!

Whew! This is a corner of my crazy office right now… between patient care and painting my children’s book illustrations I’m feeling quite busy, but joyfully so. I’m painting the final pages of my third children’s picture book… this one’s all about how to support your child’s natural healing powers through earthing.   As I talked about on Monday, earthing can do some awesome things! You are sure to be hearing a LOT more about earthing in the upcoming year — more studies coming out on it’s ability to heal a variety of illnesses and chronic conditions, as well as

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Why Our Brain Craves FAT!!!

This is a blog post I wrote last year and it is the perfect time to re-release it as it explains a bit about what brains need to grow and remain flexible and make new connections. Especially in those early childhood years. I really enjoyed writing this post and hope you will find it full of not only solid medical advice but also heart open intuitive advice as well. Here we go:     Concerned parents ask me all the time if they should be forcing their children to eat a certain amount of veggies each day, and still other

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Thoughts On Health… Homeschooling

I talk all the time about homeschooling my kids, but I have never gone into depth about how or *why* we do it. So today is the day! As someone who has had over 23 years in a row of conventional education, surely I understand the value of learning new things. But want to know the truth? The only things I remember from all of those years, especially the years in med school and internship, are the things I taught myself. Do I remember every single medication that we were grilled on in Pharmacy class? Nope. And good thing too,

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