Could Earthingâ„¢ Prevent Cancer?

You’ve probably heard about the latest medical study looking at the benefits vs. risks of taking aspirin daily to prevent cancer.     Experts now say that the benefits of taking aspirin to prevent some forms of cancer (namely, GI cancers such as colorectal cancer) outweighs the risks to taking this daily pharmaceutical. Published on August 6 in the Annals of Oncology, researchers looked at daily aspirin use and the reduction of GI, lung, prostate and breast cancers. The results were promising, showing a 30% – 35% reduction in the risk of developing colorectal cancer, a 25% reduction in the […]

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Sneak Peek: Painting The Grounded 2 (and link to watch it free today!)

For one week only, you can watch The Grounded 2 for absolutely free… …just click the link at the end of this blog post to go straight to the free movie on Mercola’s website!!!! In celebration of this special offer… it’s the perfect time to take you behind the scenes and show you how I personally hand-painted the cover art for The Grounded 2… Ready?   I choose beautiful blues, mystical whites, and intuitive indigo colors in this artwork to represent the interconnection between mankind and the earth… …the compliment of human beings to plants, the pull between the earth

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Pesticide Exposure and Autism

There is ample proof to show that pesticides are contributing to the steep rise of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and developmental delay (DD.)   The latest study was published a few weeks ago on June 23, 2014 in Environmental Health Perspectives.   This study specifically links prenatal exposure of organophosphates (the most commonly applied agricultural pesticide) and other commonly used pesticides to autism rates in offspring.   Pesticides are neurotoxins that are clearly having a known, predictable and permanent effect on the developing fetal neurology during gestation. This particular study looked at northern CA residents (the state of CA alone

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Free Earthingâ„¢ Printable… and a resource list to help you get grounded

A wonderful reader and poet recently shared a poem she had written about the healing power of Mother Earth with me. I loved it so much, I asked if I could share it with you here. Not only that, but we coupled the words with one of my original paintings to create a free printable PDF (just click on the image to print it) for you to have if you could use a little inspiration to go outside and connect with the Earth today.   Earth Gifts   Let me … Let me be the ground beneath your feet Let

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Exclusive: Watch The Grounded Sequel… right here, right now!

For my readers… …early access to The Grounded 2!!!   The Grounded 2 will enjoy a theatrical release later 2014, but my readers can watch this beautiful, healing documentary TODAY. I am so pleased and so honored to be able to share this early access with you on my website!   This sequel takes the concept of Earthing to a whole new level:   Find out what role Earthing plays in reducing the health effects from EMF exposure and environmental dangers. See what continued health benefits Dave Olreud has experienced after leaving his wheelchair behind. Find out how I personally

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Super Easy Spring Detox — 5 Days To Renewal

I am so excited to launch my updated, 2014 Gentle Reset Detox today. I’m aching to do a gentle spring detox again, and I want to do it with you!   I’ve designed a very gentle, 5 day course that we can do together… each day adding a new layer of cleansing, culminating in 5 layers of a fresh new you!   It is very basic and very gentle, perfect for anyone. There is no fasting and no radical rules… just a gentle re-aligning with Well-Being. Releasing the old toxins and flushing in health. 5 days to welcome spring on

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Your Grounding FAQs, answered right now!

WOW!!!!   I’ve gotten so many amazing questions about Grounding (aka Earthingâ„¢) from viewers who watched the motion picture The Grounded and Heal For Free… …I’ve really loved and appreciated all the wonderful feedback as well as all of the interesting questions!   I want to be as helpful as possible and pull together all my favorite resources on Grounding for you to enjoy, in this:   Grounding Round Up!   Hopefully you will find tons of valuable information and links that you can use to make the most of the information presented in the motion picture “Grounded.” Please share

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