Life Hearts… hearts in my world, part II

Are you ready for more hearts? Considering this blog is my “Heartsong” and it is the month of Feb… even if it is heart overload, I gotta do it! These are more hearts from my world. To see pics of the cool hearts we’ve found in nature over the past year, see part I of this blog post. These hearts are hearts found in our daily life, from foods to creations my kids have made. Didn’t think dog food came in hearts? Think again. Nothing is off limits in this household! Enjoy… and see you here on Friday for a […]

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Hearts in Nature

I love hearts. Is that redundant? Either way, I love to photograph hearts whenever they pop up in my life. And as you could predict, the more I focus on them and photograph them, they more they seem to pop up! Since February is Valentine’s month, I thought I’d share some of my favorite hearts with you. Today, I’ll show you some of my favorite hearts in nature. I just had one pop up on a wet day recently… water on pavement, found when we were playing at a park with friends a few days ago. Love that one so

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Thoughts On Health… FAQ — Parenting Books

My second in my FAQ series, I’m going to continue with book recommendations. Last week I reviewed some great easy to read books that gently introduce an organic lifestyle overview to folks who are interested in learning more about living naturally. This week, I’d like to list some of the parenting books that have helped us develop our particular parenting path. Craig and I both feel like we are here to support our children in any way possible. We feel very much like equals… our parenting style is one of connection to our children… we do not want anything to

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Through my daughter’s eyes…

My daughter surprised me recently… She picked up my camera, and took pictures of me. Finally at the *other* end of the camera, the object of focus, I felt so loved. It really touched my heart. I’m not used to someone focusing on me… and I don’t say that in a way that demands sympathy. I LOVE being the caretaker… I LOVE being the support behind my family. I love watching my husband shine at work, my kids dance gloriously through life… I cherish it and nothing fulfills me more. But having my daughter focus the lens on me, hearing

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What I Have In Common With A Cockatiel (hint… we both have a favorite girl, and she turns 9 today!)

See this guy? He is our Cockatiel, Cupcake. We love him so much. And he loves us too… but Clara in particular. One thing I love most about cockatiels, is that they bond for life. Just one life partner that they stay with through thick and thin. If the bond is broken, their heart breaks too. Cupcake has bonded for life with my Clara. She is the only one in the world for him… he is utterly and completely in love with her. I can understand why. Clara is the most magical human being I have ever met. In my

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My Favorite Thing… In My Daughter’s Room

My daughter is going to be turning 9 in two weeks… 9! Almost to the double digits, but luckily I get one more year before I have to face that. What she wants most this year is to re-do her bedroom… making it earthy and organic and painting the walls light brown, putting up a huge mural of a tree on one wall and a big fluffy bean bag chair in the corner. So, in preparation for her new room, I’m painting it this week. She picked the color… it’s Interactive Cream from Sherwin Williams, low-VOC paint. I was pushing

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Thoughts on Health… Loving my Daughter, Loving Myself

These preteen years are uncharted waters for me as a parent. I find that they bring up lots of intense emotions for me, and I wonder why. I am finding that loving my daughter, truly loving her, even in her angry pre-teen moments when she thinks she isn’t lovable, brings me a deep satisfaction and often moves me to tears. Don’t get me wrong… when I speak of my daughter being emotional I’m talking about a 15 minute spell of her feeling irritable and stand-offish… understandable when I take a look at her pre-teen body and all the changes that

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