Inspiration Wednesdays… DIY inspirational art

    I’ve got a great little DIY tutorial for you today for this lovely Inspiration Wednesday. This one is sooooo easy and yet looks so fabulous, you can do it this afternoon and have it hanging up in your home by tomorrow! The best part is you can customize exactly what you want it to say… do you have an affirmation you would like to greet you each morning as you start your day? Do you have a favorite quote that makes your heart sing? Invite positivity and love right into your own home… and by creating it yourself […]

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Thoughts On Health… Crossing Over

“Moving On” There is a special kind of sweetness that comes when someone you love has passed away but you know they are re-joining their soulmate who awaits them. This has happened to me twice in the past six months… I’ve felt a very definite *relief* and deep joy mixed into the sadness and mucky human emotions that death brings up. It’s as though I can feel the joy that this person has in being once again hand-in-hand with the spouse that they missed so much. I get a feeling that they are not looking back as much as folks

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Sneak Peek into my second children’s book…

    Whew! I just finished it. After spending months and months dreaming, writing, designing, sketching and painting it, my second children’s book is now off to be published! And not a nick of time too soon, as my house has literally fallen apart around me (we are talking dust bunnies that have built their own little hutches in every corner of my house) and orders in my shop have back up slightly (sorry peeps! Working on them right now!!!) my house feels strangely sad with all of this clutter cleared away:             But the

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What I’ve been up to lately…

    I’ve been doing a lot of writing…     … sketching…     … and painting …     … for my second children’s book! It’s the third one I’ve illustrated, but the second one I’ve written and illustrated entirely. Published by Do Life Right Publishing, I’m really excited to have this book wrapped up and out soon! It’s a sweet, gently, beautiful book about the power of sleep and the soul connections we make as a family. I love it and I live it and I breathe it. And I need a little more time each day

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Quote Splat #1

There are hundreds of paths up the mountain all leading in the same direction, so it doesn’t matter which path you take. The only one wasting time is one who runs around and around the mountain, telling everyone that his or her path is wrong. – Hindu saying         Quote Splat is just for fun. I have been doing so much art for “work” that I hadn’t created much art for pure fun lately. I decided to take just a little bit of time each week to take one of my very favorite quotes, and throw it

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Thoughts on health… the creative process aint always pretty.

    Hi! I spent a good portion of the weekend having fun with my paints and papers and favorite quotes for a set of artwork I’m creating called Quote Splat. For no other reason then I woke up one day and decided to write down my top 10 favorite quotes of all time and illustrate them. I’m going to start showing them to you every Wednesday starting this Wednesday and giving them away each week for free! Because creating anything… whether it is art or a meal or a new way to help your loved ones laugh or a

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What it feels like to go back Home.

So I was telling my kids about my recent trip out of the Universe… how it felt so light and expansive to reach past the confines of our universe… and my daughter instantly knew what I was trying to say.   “It reminds me of how I feel when I am swimming. I am holding my breath underwater, and as I come up to the surface, I break through the top and take a big free breath. It feels amazing,” Clara said.   Holy. Crap. YES!   This is what took me paragraph after paragraph to try to explain on

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