Why You Think More Clearly When You Spend Time Outside

    We already know that grounding (touching) the earth outside immediately impacts our brains.   This fantastic medical study, published in 2018, documents the brain wave shifts that happen near instantaneously, within milliseconds, recorded via an EEG (electroencephalogram) when the human body is grounded. Today I want to share with you a sneak peek of my next medical journal publication (submitted for review and accepted for publication in Open Journal Of Neurology & Neuroscience) where I suggest why it’s easier to think, and even get clarity and flashes of insight/intuition, when we are outside in nature.     While grounding […]

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Ease Holiday Stress With This One Essential Supplement

As we previously talked about here, probiotics have been found to be so powerful in stabilizing the mind/gut axis that they are actually a treatment for depression. Add to that, a new study that shows taking probiotics for only one month reduces stress, decreases anxiety and even improves memory!     Researchers looked at the strain of Bifidobacterium longum and followed what effect this probiotic had when used as a “psychobiotic” — looking at mood, stress, and even cognitive performance. Turns out, not only does the gut play an essential role in your ability to absorb and utilize nutrients… …and

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Higher Morale, Longer Life Span

  A new study shows that having a sense of optimism about your future actually helps you live longer… much longer!   Published March 15, 2015 in Age and Aging, the results are clear: a higher morale leads to a longer life.   Researchers looked followed over 645 elderly participants (85 years old and older) for over 5 years using interviews, assessments and home visits, and after adjusting for age, health conditions, mobility, functionality and other variables. Those with higher morale lived on average 5 years longer than their more pessimistic counterparts. If folks who are already 85 years old

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Coffee Protective Against MS

  If you follow my blog, you already know I’m a big fan of coffee.   Yes I love how it tastes… but I also love the benefits that have been medically proven. I’ve blogged about a few of them in the past…   Coffee has been shown to (click to read more on each topic): decrease your risk of diabetes protect your heart prevent dementia reduce incidence of skin cancer and even boost memory!   Today’s uplifting healing report from the medical literature highlights yet another way that coffee may be serving your brain… by protecting against multiple sclerosis.

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3 Additional Ways To Protect Your Brain Volume

Today I have three suggestions to help you protect the brain you have for a nice long lifetime.     These recommendations are all based on medical reports — ones that I feel do not get highlighted enough — the POSITIVE meaningful study results that show holistic things you can do to take charge of your health… … like focus on protecting your brain volume!   If you haven’t watched last week’s video on ways to boost your restorative sleep, you might want to pop over and watch it… …as deep restorative sleep is step ONE for healthy brain function

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Your Outlook Can Literally Speed Brain Decline (and 9 ways to stop it)

Recently, several important medical studies have come to light proving that your outlook literally changes the function of your brain. Specifically, medical research shows that: cynicism increases dementia and neuroticism increases Alzheimers.   This is really surreal for me, because as some of my longer term readers might remember, almost 4 YEARS AGO I blogged about an intuitive dream I had, one where I understood how thinking and brain structure are connected…   …I even ended that blog post asking: “Do you think in the future we will have studies that back up our thoughts being able to effect lasting

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**You** Heal Yourself… Here’s How

You are literally a self-healing machine… …it’s what you *DO* best!       Your: acupuncturist chiropractor nutritionist herbalist therapist physician surgeon massage therapist, etc… ALL rely on *your body* to heal itself.     I know I rely on my patient’s bodies to self heal… all health care practitioners do.     Give me 6 minutes and I’ll explain exactly why. And in the last 60 seconds of this video, I’ll tell you why it is so very dangerous to give anyone else the credit for your healing:   (Newsletter folks who can’t click the video directly… click HERE

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