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Organic Gardening Series… kicking it off with seeds!

Spring has filled the air around here… at least it’s become warm enough for me to realize the ground isn’t going to stay cold for long and I better get some of the garden fertilized and seedlings started. The first step of this whole process is to make sure we are getting non-GMO seeds. With the recent surrender of Whole Foods, Organic Valley, and Stoneyfeild Farms to the Monsanto GMO dictatorship, it is more important then EVER to make sure you are as close to your food as possible… knowing where your food comes from is the only real way […]

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Winter Solstice (and a quick sewing tutorial)

Winter solstice this year was a great one… a full lunar eclipse (although I admit we slept right on through it in our house) on the eve of winter solstice… magic in the air for sure! We really enjoy winter solstice at our house… we have a few traditions that we repeat every year. One is stringing cereal onto thread and draping it across the bare branches of our trees for the wildlife to share… some apples too, hung on a thread. Our gift to the creatures that share our yard in the night, the longest night of the year.

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Thoughts on Health FAQ… Healthy Cooking and Joyful Eating

My morning coffee… in a mug that my son painted for me Every single thing that goes into my body right now has to bring me joy, or I’m not putting it in my mouth. I’ve always lived by this philosophy… eating only the foods I *love* and feel great about… and I’ve always had a healthy relationship with my weight and my body. If I don’t like it, no matter how healthy I think it is… it doesn’t go in my mouth. And if I love it, really love it, feeling no guilt what-so-ever associated with it, I eat

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Thoughts On Health… FAQ — Parenting Books

My second in my FAQ series, I’m going to continue with book recommendations. Last week I reviewed some great easy to read books that gently introduce an organic lifestyle overview to folks who are interested in learning more about living naturally. This week, I’d like to list some of the parenting books that have helped us develop our particular parenting path. Craig and I both feel like we are here to support our children in any way possible. We feel very much like equals… our parenting style is one of connection to our children… we do not want anything to

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My Favorite Thing… about Fall

By far my favorite thing about fall is getting outside more. I do love the summertime and it’s heat driving us to seek out water… the ocean more times then not, pools and sprinklers are wonderful too… but there is something magical about the cooler temps and the golden leaves that seem to draw us out into our front yard more and more. I love to literally just lay on the grass for an hour, watching the kids mill around with the hose, or chalk on our sidewalk, or… like today… play Frisbee (and yes, as usual… in pajamas). Seems

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The only soap my son will ever use… and it could be yours!

Well… not the actual bar of soap that my son uses. Not only would that be gross, but really and truly, you’d have to fight him tooth and nail to get it away from him. He hates taking a shower, hates soaps and lotions and cream and lip balms and anything remotely girly (he’s a low maintenance kinda guy, just like his Daddy) and the only way I can call a truce with this boy and get him washed up is if I promise him he can use Lana Bella soap. Not exaggerating here. Because this soap, people, is so

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Instant Ghost

Have you decided what you are going to be for Halloween yet? I am going as a ghost. And I love love love the ghost cape that Martha Stewart designed… but I don’t love the price. $149.99???? For a bunch of tulle fabric that you tie around your neck? I don’t get it. In case there are any folks out there who haven’t figured out what you are going to be this year, I thought I’d share with you a little tutorial on the ghost cape that I made… for $8. Yep, eight bucks. All you need is several yards

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