Vitamin D decreases Diabetes Risk

  As last week’s blog post highlights, Vit D is an important supplement for whole body health.   I’m not a huge advocate for taking a lot of pills, vitamins, supplements or prescription medications, but there are two supplements I feel there is so much positive medical literature on that they are my *go to* recommendations for almost every patient: Vitamin D supplements and Omega 3 fatty acid supplements. So today, let’s look at yet another way that Vitamin D impacts the body: decreasing our set up for metabolic syndrome.   Because there are Vitamin D receptors in insulin target […]

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How Long Does It Take For Earthing Help Your Body?

I notice in medicine and healthcare in general there is a lot of pressure on the patient to do things a certain way.   It causes undue stress that is just NOT necessary.     The classic example is exercise — patients are told to exercise three times a week for an hour each time and as a result, when they simply can’t find an hour to exercise they don’t do it at all. And that’s so wrong, because as I reported here, *anything* is sooo much better than nothing. Literally, just standing up from your chair and sitting right

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Coffee Decreases Your Risk of Diabetes

Published 3 months ago (April 2014) in Diabetologia, a new study found that drinking more coffee can dramatically decrease your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.   This was a huge longitudinal study, looking at whether increasing or decreasing your coffee or tea intake changed the subsequent rate of type 2 diabetes development. Turns out, the answer is yes!   Although several large studies have previously shown that coffee drinkers have lower rates of diabetes, this study was novel in that it followed large cohorts of people who changed their coffee or tea intake, and then followed their actual diabetes

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The Most Effective Way To Recover From Cancer

Today I’ll be reviewing a recently published study that examines the link between exercise and health… specifically, cancer recovery.   Just like last week’s article, the article today shows that being up on your feet — simply walking — is the best predictor of positive outcome in cancer recovery we have. No stressful or intense exercise needed.   Just being up and about daily is a better predictor of cancer recovery and reduces mortality rates better than any chemotheraputic agent we have, reports Dr. John Marshall, MD.   Published on Jan 13, 2013 in the Journal Of Clinical Oncology, researchers

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Studies Prove: Long Term Health Is NOT About Exercising Hard

  For years physicians have been recommending an exercise program for cardiometabolic health. Well… turns out it’s not really about the intensity of the exercise.   Several landmark studies have come out in the past few months revealing that it’s not how strenuously you exercise that matters. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you “exercise” at all.   What matters, both in cardiovascular health and in cancer prognosis, among other parameters… is how often you just get up and move around. Answer this… what do you think is healthier? Do you think it is better to:   Hit the gym

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