What Grounding Does To Your Muscles

Our musculoskeletal system is the perfect conduit for grounding.   Your entire skeleton and all your muscles — as well as the connective tissues that hold all your organs and soft tissues in place — is a conductive conduit for healing is the basis for how and why grounding works.   When you touch the earth outside, your entire body is instantaneously grounded precisely because your entire musculoskeletal system is conductive — think of it as a conductive fiberoptic system that runs grounding instantly throughout your entire body, as easy as flipping a switch.   The musculoskeletal system is what […]

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Morning Light Effectively Treats Fibromyalgia In Just A Few Days

Just one hour of bright light each morning has been medically shown to decrease pain and sensitivity as well as increase functioning in patients with fibromyalgia.   Meaningful results were statistically significant without any artificial prescription medications and zero side effects, which is exciting news because fibromyalgia pain is typically an extremely difficult type of pain to treat. Usually, fibromyalgia patients are either given a cocktail of Rx medications ranging from antidepressants to pain killers, or told there is nothing that can be done and that the pain and the reduced ability to function is just now their baseline… or

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If You Have Pain, Here Is Relief

  Today I have a video for you, addressing PAIN RELIEF.   Chronic pain, acute pain, soreness, tension, fibromyalgia, headaches, back pain… …if you have pain, you absolutely need to understand the message behind pain and why you are feeling it.   In this video, I’ll explain to you what I have explained to hundreds of other patients experiencing pain… often this one concept changes EVERYTHING about the healing process and is enough to catalyze a healing resolution. Not only will I tell you about the nature of pain and the energetic message behind pain, I’ll list for you several

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Healing From Toxic Relationships (video)

Are your friends or loved ones draining you?   Are you having difficulty receiving nurturing… … either from yourself or from others?   Or, are you feeling taken advantage of lately?     Do you have these common heart chakra conditions? fibromyalgia breast issues heartburn circulatory issues heart disease trust issues abandonment anger or jealousy   Today I offer this video to help you enjoy your heart chakra today… Focusing on your heart chakra health is the most direct way to heal from toxic relationships, to welcome more meaningful and supportive relationships, and to LOVE YOURSELF!!! Give me 6 minutes

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Fibromyalgia Relief Right NOW

Since so many women in my practice are affected by fibromyalgia, I’m going to blog about it today with a tribute to the energetic dynamic behind this disease… because shoulder tension is something that is personal for me. What can you do energetically to release fibromyalgia flares? Read on:     I carry all of my tension in my neck and shoulders. Painful trigger points, tension headaches, tenderness in my upper back and neck so strong that at times I can’t even wear a bathing suit or a sports bra or a ponytail, or anything pulling on my neck at

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Chronic tension sucks. 9 ideas to help…

  A great foundation to decrease chronic tension in your body includes: fish oil supplementation to decrease inflammation in your muscles grounding and connecting to the earth to decrease over all inflammation and muscle tension getting extra sleep (10+ hours a night!) and use of melatonin or tryptophan if needed to help this sleep reach deeper, restorative levels yoga and daily stretching acupuncture to increase energy flow through your body and support releasing tension, reducing pain massage to neutralize trigger points   If a weekly massage is not in your budget or can’t fit into your busy lifestyle, you can

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The physical symtoms of the heart chakra… and how to re-align RIGHT NOW!

Wow, I haven’t done a video in a long time, and now I remember why. Dang. I hate the lighting, the angle, the still shot, how I accidentally cropped my head in half… everything!   BUT! I’m posting it anyway.   Because the heart chakra is one of my very favs and because the physical symptoms that arise from the heart chakras are so common, I bet you can find yourself in this video somewhere. The heart chakra affects so much, from heartburn to breast tenderness to fibromyalgia to obsessing over relationships and SO MUCH MORE. Give this video a

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