2017 Healthy Goals Checklist

Let’s start 2017 off right! Woot! I’ve got all the best anti-aging tips from the world of holistic medicine for you right here in one place. So, let’s go through some things you can do to look and feel better, inside and out:   1. Healthy Skin   (yes it’s superficial, but healthy skin means you feel covered in a luxurious healthy glow from head to toe!) My main philosophy is to stop accelerated aging. If we just stopped the accelerated aging brought on by UV exposure, environmental toxins, make up, stress, smoking, air pollution, etc… we’d look decades younger […]

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Summer Skin: A Party For Yeast

Yeast overgrowth is absolutely no fun. And it can really get worse in the warmer months as yeast love nothing more then moist, hot, sticky skin/mucosa to flourish on. I remember working with a sweet older female patient that was absolutely miserable with Candida growth all over her skin… and it was particularly bad underneath her breasts where they touched her upper abdomen.   Being that it was a particularly hot summer, she was hot and itchy and in her own personal hell! I was a bit more conventional back then, so I’m especially thinking of her as I type

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Dr. Sinatra Shatters Everything You Thought You Knew To Stay Heart Healthy

The month of love, February, is Heart Month on my website!   All this month I’ll be releasing information to keep your heart healthy. Today I have some extremely important information that you MUST KNOW to protect the longevity of your heart. Have you been told your high cholesterol level is bad for your heart? Are you on medication to treat high cholesterol?   You may want to reconsider your medication and that outdated advice. Our cholesterol information is based on studies that are over 40 years old, so most of what we were taught about cholesterol is in medical

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Dr. Steve Sinatra in Dr. Laura Koniver's hometown

The World’s First Children’s Book about Earthingâ„¢!

I am so passionate about Earthingâ„¢ that I recommend it every single day to my patients — young and old alike.   Connecting to the earth and grounding with your child is one of the best things you can do to support their long-term health. So many parents wanted to know exactly how to introduce Earthingâ„¢ as a healing technique with their young child. And how to explain it to older children who had scientific questions. Some parents wanted to know about what to do during bad weather or in the cold winter. Some were already connecting to the earth

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My attachment parenting bedtime storybook… and links to get your own right now!

    So do you have a little one you’d like to snuggle up with and read this story to? Or do you know the perfect new parents who could use this positive, supportive book to help establish a nighttime routine? Or do you have a baby shower to go to soon? Or do you just love picture books? Here is where you can get your copy on… and they ship free! Here is where you can get your autographed copy straight from me… and I ship with love!   Thank you so much for checking out my latest

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My newest children’s book…

I am so very happy and proud to reveal the cover of my newest children’s book Together We Sleep. This is a book I not only wrote and illustrated, but I lived. Though parenting books written by Dr. Sears and other attachment parenting leaders are full of advice on co-sleeping, there isn’t one single picture book that you could read aloud to your child about the natural beauty of sleep sharing. Until today. This book is gentle and beautiful and peaceful… filled with hand painted images of people and animals all around the world… animals in nature in every habitat

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Sneak Peek into my second children’s book…

    Whew! I just finished it. After spending months and months dreaming, writing, designing, sketching and painting it, my second children’s book is now off to be published! And not a nick of time too soon, as my house has literally fallen apart around me (we are talking dust bunnies that have built their own little hutches in every corner of my house) and orders in my shop have back up slightly (sorry peeps! Working on them right now!!!) my house feels strangely sad with all of this clutter cleared away:             But the

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