How To Feel At Home In Your Body

      Most of us live with a sense of not really inhabiting our body fully. We want things to change about our body or about our health before we will actually want to be in it. Or we have some judgement against it, or even disdain for it, on some level. We feel, subconsciously maybe, that our body is against us. We can feel that it’s too damaged by health issues to truly cherish. We have a half hearted sense of tolerating our bodies for the time being. No! You aren’t settling for that! Your body, in exactly […]

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Do You Know All 4 Of These Ways To Receive Healing Earth Energy?

We all know that we depend on the physical presence and life supporting gifts from Mother Earth in order to be alive.   Food, Air, Water, and directly physical contact in the form of Grounding are all essential to Well Being.     In addition to eating well, hydrating fully, and breathing deeply, we can simply touch the earth directly to be electrically connected to this powerful and life changing healing energy flow. But beyond simply touching the earth, did you know there were other, less well known ways to resonate more deeply with the earth and to expedite your

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Could Earthingâ„¢ Prevent Cancer?

You’ve probably heard about the latest medical study looking at the benefits vs. risks of taking aspirin daily to prevent cancer.     Experts now say that the benefits of taking aspirin to prevent some forms of cancer (namely, GI cancers such as colorectal cancer) outweighs the risks to taking this daily pharmaceutical. Published on August 6 in the Annals of Oncology, researchers looked at daily aspirin use and the reduction of GI, lung, prostate and breast cancers. The results were promising, showing a 30% – 35% reduction in the risk of developing colorectal cancer, a 25% reduction in the

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Your Grounding FAQs, answered right now!

WOW!!!!   I’ve gotten so many amazing questions about Grounding (aka Earthingâ„¢) from viewers who watched the motion picture The Grounded and Heal For Free… …I’ve really loved and appreciated all the wonderful feedback as well as all of the interesting questions!   I want to be as helpful as possible and pull together all my favorite resources on Grounding for you to enjoy, in this:   Grounding Round Up!   Hopefully you will find tons of valuable information and links that you can use to make the most of the information presented in the motion picture “Grounded.” Please share

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Behind The Scenes: Painting A Motion Picture Soundtrack

I recently had the honor of painting the cover of The Grounded motion picture soundtrack. Today I’m taking you behind-the-scenes to show you the process of painting the front cover, and next week I’ll do take you through the painting of the back cover.   The music for the film is spectacular… it is an original score created by master composer Stuart Mitchell and preformed by the Czech Filmharmonic Orchestra. Considering the music is one of the very best parts of the entire movie, it was quite an honor for my artwork to be considered for the cover.   Ready

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Part 2 — Behind the scenes on The Grounded

The third and final day of filming last week was my favorite.   That’s because I got to meet with some of the most inspiring people I have ever met from across the country — on top of the wonderful, sincere and innovative director Steve Kroschel, I met with world-renowned cardiac specialist and holistic physician Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD and Earthing guru and founder of Simply Vibrant, Dr. Christy Westen, DC   (To see candid still shots from the first movie filming session back in April, click here (with Apollo astronauts Charlie Duke and Edgar Mitchell.) And to see more

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