Life Hearts… hearts in my world, part II

Are you ready for more hearts? Considering this blog is my “Heartsong” and it is the month of Feb… even if it is heart overload, I gotta do it! These are more hearts from my world. To see pics of the cool hearts we’ve found in nature over the past year, see part I of this blog post. These hearts are hearts found in our daily life, from foods to creations my kids have made. Didn’t think dog food came in hearts? Think again. Nothing is off limits in this household! Enjoy… and see you here on Friday for a […]

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Through the front door

Look what blew in through my front door. Right in the middle of a busy day. Me, rushing around, bringing things in from the car, letting the dogs out, putting away all our shoes, recharging my cell phone… blah, blah blah… all the things you do in the first two minutes of getting home. I was just about to close and lock the front door, when I looked down. Sometimes it just takes a little nod from the universe to set my day right again. Love is all around… xoxo

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Thoughts on Health… the Heart, Part 2

“I know in this moment, we are connected, we are one. In our hearts, we are non-physical. I see through the illusion, I see through the separation. I am in the now. I am in love. I am in freedom. I am.” – Story Waters If you missed the first part of this Thoughts on Health series… part 1 of the heart, you might want to take a look at it here. In it, I represent the disease process of the heart, as it builds plaques and walls in it’s vasculature and creates a brittle, suffocating environment. The way out

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Thoughts on Health… Our Hearts

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi When I sat down to brainstorm how I was going to make an inspirational collage of the heart out of my med school anatomy book, I started by making a list. A list of all the words that I felt represented the *energy* of the heart. Truth. Love. Joy. Heartsong. Re-centering. Life Force. Source. Freedom. Health. Gratitude. Obviously we have a heart to pump blood (and thereby deliver oxygen and nutrition) to every

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