Happy Halloween

Thoughts On Health will be on Wednesday this week, because today we’ll be busy…   …snacking on these…     I toast these from the pumpkins we carve… seasoning them with lots of cayenne pepper, some garlic, paprika and salt, then 5 minutes in a 450 degree oven and you arrive at YUM!   … drying and saving these for our garden next year…   just dry your pumpkin and squash seeds for two weeks on a towel (flipping once) then store in an airtight container for planting next year! Check out my Saving Seeds tutorial for more info   […]

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Fireworks, anyone?

  I just wanted to pop in and wish you all a very very happy Independence Day!!! We are so thankful to live here, and so thankful for everyone who made that happen. This year we focused heavily in our homeschool adventures on American History… and each of us stands with appreciation bursting in our hearts for this land that we love. Enjoy the fireworks tonight my friends… and I’ll see you back here next Monday for my next Thoughts On Health!!! xoxo, Laura       How cool is this picture I took of some fireworks we shot off

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Thank you to our nation’s heroes… past and present.

  Freedom, sweet freedom!   This memorial day, I want to thank everyone who has served or continues to serve in our military. We really owe everything we take for granted in our country to you. I love the land we live on, I love the freedom I have to care for my children and educate them and raise them the way that feels best to me, I love the food we grow here and the climate and the joy and the safety and community I feel all around me. I know I owe this all to the brave men

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