Soul Healing

Nurturing Your Own Health Through Difficult Times

I am going to re-post a great article I wrote last year… 10 ways to nurture your body and soul right in this very moment. It’s a blog post I’ve needed to go back and re-read to remember how to nurture my own soul as I travel through some difficult and dark times.   As I said on my Facebook Page: “A few weeks ago, I would have said the purpose in life is to soak in every second of it, enjoy it, laugh as much as possible, have fun, smile, and fill your heart with gratitude as much as […]

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Finding My Way…

I’m going to repost an old blog post from several years ago… one of my favorites. I collect hearts in nature because they help me remember that we are never alone as we walk on this earth, no matter how hard the journey seems. I need to give that reminder myself, right about now… more than ever before.   I hope you enjoy these photographs I have taken of hearts I’ve noticed in nature, and I hope you’ll find a moment today to look around and find a heart in your own neck of the woods…. xoxoxo, Laura    

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4 Ways To Help A Friend In Crisis

I just said goodbye to my parents. They drove completely unexpectedly 9 hours straight down to my home to be with me in my time of need. They stayed a full week, took care of my children and I with love, humor, devotion and loyalty.   I love my parents so much. They are a shining example of what a strong, 45+ year marriage can be and a beacon of light in a very troubling time in my own life.     A strong long term marriage is something I’m so appreciative that my parents can model for my own

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How To Heal Your Heart

        “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” — Rumi           Physically we have a heart to pump blood and deliver oxygen and nutrition to every part of our body. It is absolutely critical to life.   The heart’s function is to work together to deliver the *energy* of blood to our entire organism.   But what is the one thing your heart needs in order to function effectively? Flexibility.   Your heart’s strength is

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The most vivid intuition I’ve ever gotten

My lovely grandma passed away early last Friday morning…   As I head up to here part of the country for services and to hug my beautiful precious mother and spend time with her, I feel extremely open to spirit and tender.   It is during these times I like to remember some of my most vivid intuitions and enjoy knowing my grandmother is a part of the pure, positive world of spirit.   I remember my very favorite spiritual vision I’ve ever had and I’d like to share that with you here today in memory of my grandmother’s life

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Thoughts On Health… Crossing Over

“Moving On” There is a special kind of sweetness that comes when someone you love has passed away but you know they are re-joining their soulmate who awaits them. This has happened to me twice in the past six months… I’ve felt a very definite *relief* and deep joy mixed into the sadness and mucky human emotions that death brings up. It’s as though I can feel the joy that this person has in being once again hand-in-hand with the spouse that they missed so much. I get a feeling that they are not looking back as much as folks

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Pain and Joy together, at the same time.

My grandfather passed away last night… and while I’m feeling full of gratitude that he is reunited with the love of his life, my Grams, I am feeling the rawness in my own heart today. I want to thank him for being exactly who he was and for giving me the overwhelming gift of bringing my own father into this world. My dad is one of my most favorite people of all time, and because of my grandfather, he exists, I exist, my children exist. I am re-posting this blog post from last April, as out past the sorrow of

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