Super Easy Spring Detox — 5 Days To Renewal

I am so excited to launch my updated, 2014 Gentle Reset Detox today. I’m aching to do a gentle spring detox again, and I want to do it with you!   I’ve designed a very gentle, 5 day course that we can do together… each day adding a new layer of cleansing, culminating in 5 layers of a fresh new you!   It is very basic and very gentle, perfect for anyone. There is no fasting and no radical rules… just a gentle re-aligning with Well-Being. Releasing the old toxins and flushing in health. 5 days to welcome spring on […]

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The number one question I hear from patients…

  What do you do when your kids want to sled in the middle of winter, but you live in SC? Well, you grab an old cardboard box and head to your nearest hill, of course! It’s not exactly like sledding in snow, but it is still a ton of fun… and no frostbite!   What is the number one question I hear from my patients (and friends and family too?) It’s “How do you have all that energy?“ I don’t have any extra energy. I didn’t get any more than you did. I’m not a particularly young parent (I

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Heart Centered Parenting Tip #1: An easy way to re-direct the energy of the day

First of all, I want to thank you all for leaving such kind comments for me in the last post. I really appreciate every single one… each was like a gift that helped heal me and washed away some of the sadness… Okay, so I’m still feeling a little raw but I had this quick little video recorded two weeks ago, so it’s perfect to share with you today. Matter of fact, I’m going to take my own advice right now and go find my Zenergy Chime…   I hope you enjoy this super easy, super simple, yet highly effective

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Thoughts On Health… Excercise (dang!)

    Oh how I have fallen. I am completely out of my exercise routine… I manage to work in an at-home 20 minute Yoga DVD about twice a week and those 40 minutes, my friend, is the total sum of my exercising attempts lately. At first I told myself it’s okay because I’m young and can get it all back. Hmmm. I think I still can but it’s going to be harder to re-capture my cardiovascular fitness now then it used to be, so instead of maintaining health I will have to re-build it. Bummer.   Then I told

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Thoughts on Health… Finding your Equilibrium During Fall

    Ahhh… fall. How I love you. The cooler mornings. The walks outside. Leaves swirling through the air. Loading up on firewood for the winter. My children laughing as they swing, run, play, spend more time outside than ever before. Oh, but how you hold a dark secret inside of you. You don’t fool me for one instant… I know that the cooler mornings and campfire evenings are possible because of your tilt away from the sun… and how the days are now shorter than the nights, until they are so brief we wake up to darkness and eat

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Quote Splat #4

We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are. – Anais Nin         Okay, so this is my fourth favorite quote in the world. One I am still just barely beginning to grasp the enormous truth of, as I make my way through this life seeing it echo again and again and again. Both in my own self and in others. It’s just so beautiful and so true, in everything. In the way I see that people who truly feel good see so much good in others. In the way that every conflict

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Happy Labor Day!

I have one of the most amazing friends in the world, Barbara Rivera… creator and innovator of Birth Power. I think she is brilliant. She has so much passion for birthing… and she wants every girl in the world today to grow up with positive birthing images… positive birth stories… infused with the knowledge that giving birth is natural, glorious, and wonderful.   Ever since birth has been made into a clinically sterile and even negative event by the media and medical professionals, it has become harder and harder for our young children to grow up in a world where

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