Recovering Memory In Dementia — One Simple Trick

New research shows that in Alzheimer’s patients, long term memory can be regained through listening to music!   Listening to music that is familiar to the dementia patient from their past reawakens long term memories about who the person is, who their family is, and the context of their life. This has huge implications in quality of living, in social interactions and even in activity levels. If you play music that holds special meaning to a patient experiencing memory loss, you are very likely to help them recover context and depth and recognition in the form of long term memory […]

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Creating A Healing Connection Through Music

Today it is my great pleasure to interview composer and musician Marco Missinato. From the first moment I heard his music I knew that he was an incredibly gifted, intuitive based musician and I wanted to help support his vision by having him stop by my blog today share his recent work, “Unfolding Secrets, A Symphony Of The Heart.”   Anything heart based, anything intuitive, anything healing… I want to learn more about it and I want to share it with as many people as I can.   When I listened to Marco’s music, I felt a great calling in

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Behind The Scenes: Painting A Motion Picture Soundtrack

I recently had the honor of painting the cover of The Grounded motion picture soundtrack. Today I’m taking you behind-the-scenes to show you the process of painting the front cover, and next week I’ll do take you through the painting of the back cover.   The music for the film is spectacular… it is an original score created by master composer Stuart Mitchell and preformed by the Czech Filmharmonic Orchestra. Considering the music is one of the very best parts of the entire movie, it was quite an honor for my artwork to be considered for the cover.   Ready

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Songs that uplift me…

My dear friend Jorie (hi babe!!!) has a facebook group dedicated to sharing uplifting music. That’s where I heard of about 80% of the songs I love… so if you like these and want more, head on over and like her FB group called: Moved By The Music. If you love pop music, try… Everybody, by Ingrid Michaelson If you love jazz, try… Bring Me Sunshine, by The Jive Aces (give it a minute, it starts slow but is garunteed to make you smile…) If you love reggae, try… Shine, by Aswad If you want to feel joy, try… Give

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Thoughts On Health… Tribute to a friend

Last weekend, someone I love very dearly passed away. The kind of someone who you know you had a soul contract with… someone who comes into your life and forever alters the path you walk. She was someone who I know I will have a lifetime with again one day… someone who came into my life at the exact perfect time and who opened my eyes to life in a way I had never been able to grasp before. Ever since she transitioned on, I can feel her. Closer than ever, I hold tightly to her presence in my life.

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Photography Assignment, week 3.

Oh my goodness. This week is by far the hardest week to share with you. She wanted us to dance in front of the camera. Gulp. I love to dance around with my kids, but they refused to join in with me. Miles cranked a tune on his iPod… he picked Hot Wings (I Want To Party) featured in the Motion Picture Soundtrack of the movie Rio. We loved that movie, by the way! I went out under the sun and got it over with. And yes, right during the song is when the afternoon school bus just had to

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Music and Our Souls

    I was having a great conversation with my children over the weekend, and I had a wonderful thought. Okay, it might be a bit of a stretch, but I love the feeling I get when I think about it. And usually, if it makes me feel good, I can trust it. So, I think there may be some truth to this idea.     We were talking about how amazing and wonderful music is. And how much it lifts us throughout our day… singing a song while we wash our hands, humming a tune while we take a

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