Part 2 — Behind the scenes on The Grounded

The third and final day of filming last week was my favorite.   That’s because I got to meet with some of the most inspiring people I have ever met from across the country — on top of the wonderful, sincere and innovative director Steve Kroschel, I met with world-renowned cardiac specialist and holistic physician Dr. Stephen Sinatra, MD and Earthing guru and founder of Simply Vibrant, Dr. Christy Westen, DC   (To see candid still shots from the first movie filming session back in April, click here (with Apollo astronauts Charlie Duke and Edgar Mitchell.) And to see more …

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Behind the scenes on location with The Grounded movie!

I have so many great pictures to share with you from our second filming session in The Grounded that I need to split them up into two blog posts! To see pics from my first adventure with the movie, take a look at them here — where I interview moon-walking astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Charlie Duke on the beaches of FL, and bring the movie director Steve Kroschel back to my private home for more filming.   I loved this second film shoot just as much… maybe more!   Because I got to spend three entire, magical days meeting like-minded …

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Test your foot health with this super simple tip I learned in med school!

Are your feet trapped in unhealthy shoes?   You’ll know in just a minute. Go ahead and kick off your shoes (yes, right at your desk!) grab a piece of paper and a pen and watch this super quick video. In just a few seconds you’ll know if your shoes are healthy for your feet and if you are getting enough barefoot time, plus a bonus tip for realigning your tootsies. Enjoy! xoxo, Laura

The Top 3 Earthing FAQ’s!

This video is going to answer the top three questions I get asked constantly about earthing, in 3 minutes flat! Give me three minutes, and I’ll not only answer them for you, I’ll show you!!!   1. Can I wear socks and still be grounded? 2. Can I lay on a blanket and still be grounded? 3. What the heck do I do in winter? Let’s see! xoxox, Laura      

Earthing Reduces Weight Effortlessly

As many of you know, I recently conducted a 10 week study examining the relationship between earthing and weight.   Participants were asked to touch the earth for a minimum of 15 minutes a day on a daily basis for 10 weeks, and they were followed weekly for changes in weight, mood, pain, stress level, sleep, energy level and other quality of life parameters. I was thrilled with the results and wanted to share them with you first here!!! This is the very first time these results are being revealed, so enjoy them and pass this amazing information along to …

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Sneak a peek into the world’s first Earthing children’s book!

Whew! This is a corner of my crazy office right now… between patient care and painting my children’s book illustrations I’m feeling quite busy, but joyfully so. I’m painting the final pages of my third children’s picture book… this one’s all about how to support your child’s natural healing powers through earthing.   As I talked about on Monday, earthing can do some awesome things! You are sure to be hearing a LOT more about earthing in the upcoming year — more studies coming out on it’s ability to heal a variety of illnesses and chronic conditions, as well as …

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Welcome MaryJanes Farm Readers! (I’ve got a master list of tutorials for you!)

If you subscribe to my all time fav magazine, MaryJanes Farm, and read the article MJF featured about me in the most recent issue, then I just want to give you a big welcome and hello for swinging by my website today! I was so thrilled to be featured on pages 10 – 14 of the Oct/Nov issue that just hit newsstands this week, speaking about the healing benefits of touching the earth. (pics at the end of this blog post!) In fact, it was so much fun that MaryJane asked me to contribute a routine health column for her …

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