Thoughts On Health… Microwaving

This post could also be called Part Two of the post I wrote explaining the recent findings of cell phones disturbing brain metabolism. What do cell phones and the microwave have in common? Let me start at the beginning. We don’t use a microwave at all. We haven’t in several years… and yes, I understand that microwaving uses non-ionizing radiation, just like the non-ionizing radiation in light, TV, radio waves, etc… Most folks feel okay using a microwave once they figure out that it is not the same as the ionizing radiation in X-rays, nuclear radiation, etc… For us, it’s […]

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Thoughts On Health… Supporting Women

I’ve felt a strong pull in my heart to support and validate and empower women lately. I feel like I am finally coming into my own… I feel like I’m finally discovering why I’m here, what I have to give… and I feel like I want to take all the women of the world right along with me, finding our voice together, hand in hand. Does that sound cheesy? As I type it, I realize it might… and yet, this is what I feel… deeply… pounding in my heart. I love being a woman and I feel so much power

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Guest Blogger — Mission Essentials

I am so happy to introduce today’s guest blogger… Steve and Gail Salomon. They own and operate a local company called Mission Essentials… they were introduced to me by a participant in my Skin Happiness eCourse (thank you so much Diane!) Diane wanted me to look over the ingredient list for this particular sunscreen brand and I’m so glad she did. I found nothing but amazing ingredients and physical blocking agents (no chemical sunscreens or preservatives) along with the fact that the product is micro-sized but *NOT* nano-sized… this sunscreen fit the bill perfectly. In addition to it being an

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FAQ: Our Natural Transition to Vegetarian…

I have been asked four times in the past two weeks about my thoughts on food choices for children, so I figured this is the Universe asking me to blog about it 🙂 Concerned parents were wondering if they should be forcing their children to eat a certain amount of veggies each day, and yet other parents were concerned that their children may not be getting enough meat. I’ve thought long and hard about what I believe. I’ve considered everything I know from my education as a physician and everything I *feel* as an intuitive mother, and I have developed

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Organic Gardening… Growing Seedlings in Recycled Containers (tutorial)

I have been saving some old boxes and cardboard tubes and plastic lids and such for the past several weeks… it’s so wonderful how you can recycle things you find around your home into something you needed and wanted, for free! Today I’ll show you two different ways to create mini-greenhouses for your precious seedlings. Here are just some items from a large collection of recyclable goods I’ve been saving. After the planting season, I’ll just rinse out any plastics I’ve used and toss them back in the recycling bin. The cardboard I generally just plant right into the soil

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My New Head of Hair!

Okay, so it isn’t that much different. But do you remember when I was in a funk with my hair and begged you fine folks for some ideas? I loved the feedback and thought about it long and hard. And the one thing I hadn’t done yet was Henna — thanks for the suggestion, Aleka! So I went for it. And I love it. I can definitely give henna a double thumbs up. I don’t know why I had never tried it before… it’s seems like a no-brainer for someone who loves to keep things natural… basically it’s like a

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