**You** Heal Yourself… Here’s How

You are literally a self-healing machine… …it’s what you *DO* best!       Your: acupuncturist chiropractor nutritionist herbalist therapist physician surgeon massage therapist, etc… ALL rely on *your body* to heal itself.     I know I rely on my patient’s bodies to self heal… all health care practitioners do.     Give me 6 minutes and I’ll explain exactly why. And in the last 60 seconds of this video, I’ll tell you why it is so very dangerous to give anyone else the credit for your healing:   (Newsletter folks who can’t click the video directly… click HERE …

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How To Make Your Next Health Decision Easy (and free poster)

My most heart-felt desire is to help others learn to use their own intuition to feel their way towards sustained health. 
 The only way to sustain optimal well being is to connect with it yourself. No one can tell you what is true for you. No one. 
Not your physician or your acupuncturist or your chiropractor or your best friend.   They can empathize, offer, share, prescribe, recommend, adjust, treat and support… but they still can not connect you directly with Well Being — that’s what you do.   
And here is how:   Know that your soul stands …

How To Make Your Next Health Decision Easy (and free poster) Read More »