How To Quickly Align With Health

  My daughter and I were Earthingâ„¢ on the sidelines, watching my son play a football game last week… …and I witnessed his team choose a play and follow through on it over, and over, and over again.     It didn’t matter if the play was a pass, if it was a run, if it was a screen, if it was an audible… …the team had success when they picked a play and everyone aligned with that choice the best they could.   It reminded me of the work of healing.   Healing is this: making a choice and […]

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Life After Loss… Miscarriage Support

In keeping with last week’s post about my own personal grieving process, today I’ve invited a very soulful, brave and honest woman to stop by my blog and share her own, similar-but-different experience with grieving. For Catherine Keating, loss came in the form of miscarriage. Twice. Finding a path back from grief into gratitude, from sorrow to strength involved writing a book. Reading There Was Supposed To Be A Baby was so beautiful for me because it echoed so many of the same tools I was using in my own healing process… all outlined in one supportive, gentle, pure, raw

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Nurturing Your Own Health Through Difficult Times

I am going to re-post a great article I wrote last year… 10 ways to nurture your body and soul right in this very moment. It’s a blog post I’ve needed to go back and re-read to remember how to nurture my own soul as I travel through some difficult and dark times.   As I said on my Facebook Page: “A few weeks ago, I would have said the purpose in life is to soak in every second of it, enjoy it, laugh as much as possible, have fun, smile, and fill your heart with gratitude as much as

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Poor Sleep Linked to Alzheimers: 9 Ways To Fix It.

For ages and ages, human beings followed the rhythm of the sun… going to sleep when the sun went down and rising with the sun in the morning. Our circadian rhythm was in concert with the earth and ensured that we got deep, restorative sleep in order to face the next day.   These days, artificial lighting and long work days mean that most people (myself included!) have some sort of sleep abnormality and/or circadian rhythm disruption. Although we know that lack of sleep causes everything from memory problems, fatigue, decreased concentration, stress, and increased food cravings, a recent study

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Meet Bonnie

Meet dear Bonnie. She is married to a wonderful man whom she loves very very much. I can relate to that! Similar to my Balloons for Audry event I wanted her to share her story here today because I adore what she has decided to do, to contribute what she can to a very personal and worthwhile cause, as you’ll read below: “My husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March of 2009 but was able to have a surgery called a Whipple Procedure in April. The very next April, his younger sister was also diagnosed with this horrible disease.

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