The Real Reason Grounding Works: The Healing Power of the Earth, Finally Explained

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Today’s video contains possibly the most important information since the “re-discovery” of grounding in the first place… it’s finally answering the question: how does grounding work?

All I’ve read about in the popular media is a mysterious “electron transfer” which actually can not be directly measured.  Want to truly understand grounding way beyond an electron reaching you?   Just watch the video below and I’ll tell you myself.

In a nutshell: every single part of the natural universe conducts a natural energy current known as a Direct Current (DC). This DC circuit of energy flows through everything, including plants, animals, human beings, and the surface of our entire planet, creating a Global Electrical Circuit.

This natural DC energy is also what the human body uses to function, as everything from the beating of our heart to the movement of our muscles to our brain’s ability to think all requires DC energy.

So anything conductive (like our human body) that touches the earth instantly becomes part of this natural energy circuit.  You plug yourself into this healing energy, literally. So grounding is simply including your conductive human body into that global DC electrical circuit, which puts your body in a profound healing state.

If that sounds confusing, I created a simple, straight forward video to help.

Let me explain this better for you, and talk you through exactly how to do it, and for how long, just click the video below to watch:




The REAL Reason Grounding Works (click here to watch on YouTube)




Studies so far suggest that becoming a part of the earth’s global DC circuit enhances our conductive health, which has far reaching implications to all our organ systems that function off of DC energy and conductivity, including but not limited to: our central and peripheral nervous system, our musculoskeletal system, and our cardiovascular system.

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